Cigarette vanishing tube | Learn best magic tricks


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Cigarette vanishing tube | Learn best magic tricks

The Cigarette vanishing tube Tricks is one of the best Magic tricks for closeup magic Tricks.  Very easy to do this tricks.

Magic tricks details:


You borrow a cigarette and you put it in the magic tube. Shake it. When you open it the cigarette vanishes. Oops ! It is still here but its new size is 1 mm per 2 cm.
You can loan the tube for examination. The spectator will confirm that there is nothing strange.
This trick is totally automatic.


Put a cigarette into the black metal tube and close the tube with a golden lid.

When you or a spectator open the tube, the cigarette is either shrunk to a 1/10 of its original size or you can choose in stead to let the cigarette vanish!

Very easy to do — Everyone can perform this trick!


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