Fish In A Bottle


Make a fish appear in the bottle while the spectator is holding it!

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Model No. G1163

“Fish in a Bottle

Make a fish appear in the bottle while the spectator is holding it!

A plastic water bottle is shown to contain only clear water. The cap on the bottle is secured tightly so nothing can enter the bottle.

You state the bottle contains an “”INVISIBLE FISH””. The bottle is handed to a spectator to hold. The spectator is asked to confirm that he/she can only see clear water in the bottle.
You drape a black silk over the bottle, STILL HELD by the SPECTATOR. Tell the spectator if they say, “”I believe in magic”” the fish will APPEAR. Once that is said, you slowly pull the silk from the bottle. What was once a bottle containing only water now has a BEAUTIFUL LIVE GOLDFISH swimming around inside the bottle. (What makes this such a wonderful effect is that the magic happens close-up in the spectator’s hand.)


The bottle can be seen up-close BEFORE and EVEN EXAMINED after the performance.

No sleight-of-hand involved.

No harm to the fish!

Learn in minutes!

Comes with the bottle, special gimmicks and completed instruction.

Furnish your own fish and black silk. A truly memorable magic effect your audience will always remember.”


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