Mouse to watermelon magic tricks



You display the head of a mouse head between your hands. Your hands are shown otherwise empty.

The “Mouse-head” is pushed through the hand, and emerges as a large slice of “watermelon”, several times bigger than the original Mouse-head!

We supply you with the special sponge prop, ready to use. It is a large size, making this visible for a large audience. The pig Head measures some 4″ wide and 4″ high, and the Melon slice is 8.5″ long and 4″ high.

Note: the item is handcrafted from a superior quality sponge, of a grade previously not available in this country. With a little care, this will last a very long time.

You can present this with a suitable comment along with the suggestions below.

“We used to call him (localize) a Mouse head, So we call him melon head now … (push head through the hand and transform to melon).


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