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Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor


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Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor

Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor is a very amazing, easy and cool magic which is created by a young British magician Jibrizy Taylor. Jibrizy fooled Penn & Teller by this one magic Sweet Penetration by Jibrizy Taylor.

Effect Details:

spectator gives a coin to a magician and magician allows him to sign on the coin with a marker. The magician gives a sugar packet to him and tells him to keep and hold the packet. Afterwards magician throws the coin to the sugar packet and the coin penetrate through the packet. Yes, that signed coin penetrate through the sugar packet before the very eyes of the spectators. Then he tear off the packet and shows everyone that the signed coin was in the packet.

Spectator’s must be amazed after see this magic and will never forget you. As this magic fooled Penn & Teller so it is a very powerful magic to perform everywhere. You can easily keep is yourself in wallet.

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