Cut-No-Cut Scissors magic tricks



This is an excellent gag prop, ideal for use with any rope cutting routine, or any other routine involving a pair of scissors. It is a pair of scissors which will cut like any scissors would, and which you use in your act to cut rope, ribbon, paper or whatever. However, it is cleverly gimmicked, so that it will lock in either the closed or open positions, permitting you to perform some excellent comedy routines with a volunteer spectator.

There have been several models and varieties of similar scissors.
The set we now supply is gimmick ed in a different, and most ingenious manner, with the result that the locking arrangement is not apparent, even on a close inspection.  It is a natural part of the scissors, which are a regular pair of large tailoring scissors. In the hands of a reasonably competent performer, the scissors can spell several minutes of solid entertainment with an audience volunteer.

A typical use is any Cut and Restored Rope routine, with an ordinary piece of rope. You perform your routine using the scissors to cut the rope and restore it, then invite a volunteer and offer to teach the trick.
Ask him to cut the rope in the middle. You give him the scissors, locked closed, and there is a considerable amount of amusement,  as he struggles to open it.
You take the scissors from him, perform your routine all over again, then offer him the scissors, this time locked open, and again there is laughter, as he struggles to close it.
Take the scissors from him, chop a few pieces of the rope, and hand it back to him closed. He can’t open it. Repeat this a couple of times, each time cutting off a few inches of the rope as a demonstration of how to use a pair of scissors, till you have a very small piece of rope left, and you cannot possibly teach him the effect!


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