Super Floating Match magic tricks



This is a superior version of the famous Floating Match effect.
Our earlier versions (which are also available) are made with regular IT allow you to float a match about an inch off the surface of the card. This Super model is made with Elastic IT, which will permit a match to float an inch and a half or more off the card, right under the spectator’s nose. The elastic IT also greatly enhances the durability of the item, and the construction allows you to control when the match will float, or not float..
For this model, you borrow a match or use your own. You can also use other similar items, like a toothpick. Place this on a card held between thumb and fingers on the short sides, and bring your thumb and fingers closer. Nothing happens – the match stick remains on the card as one would normally expect. Say you will now demonstrate the repulsive effect of static electricity. Rub your thumb and fingertip on your clothes to “charge them with the static electricity”.
Now place the match again on the card and flex this, emphasizing you are bringing your fingers and thumb closer, (the card being just a platform to rest the match stick). The match stick will rise higher as you flex, and you can flex the card into a ‘U’ Shape to make it rise an inch and a half off the card.
Finally straighten the card, by pushing a finger from beneath, and turn it over to allow the match stick to drop into the spectator’s hand.
We supply you one gimmick card plus an ordinary card


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