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Black to Rainbow Silk



Magician Color Changing Silk Streamer magic tricks

  • Here is the effect if you use the streamer by itself: You display a LARGE BLACK silk streamer, almost 97cm IN LENGTH! You ask your audience if they know light is made up of the colors of the rainbow? That means the colors of the rainbow are always around us!
  • “And if I move this black streamer throughout the air in a SPECIAL WAY – maybe I can catch the colors?” INSTANTLY, the BLACK silk TRANSFORMS into a BEAUTIFUL RED, YELLOW, GREEN AND PURPLE RAINBOW COLORED streamer!
  • Ours is not the smaller version offered by others, but a HUGE 97cm LENGTH by OVER 17cm in width! Made of 100% quality silk.
  • Imagine also using this as a production prop from your production tricks! Your audiences will gasp as you PRODUCE A BEAUTIFUL STREAMER ALMOST 97cm IN LENGTH and then MAKE IT CHANGE COLOR!

“Color Changing Silk Streamer – Rainbow(120cm*18cm)

Show a Black Streamer, Wave it in the air and it visibly becomes colorful! Or change a colorful stream back into a black one.

Dimensions Approximately 18cm x 120cm”


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